Opportunities for ongoing Prayer, Reflection and Participation in (virtual) Faith Celebrations

Fear is Strong, Hope is Stronger

Congratulations and Blessings to all our Graduating High School Students!


Congratulations and God Bless to all our Students Graduating from Elementary School



God, we thank you for our graduates.

There have been challenging moments.

They have shaped our school community.

They have opened our eyes to possibilities.

We pray that they would be healthy and safe.

May they find purpose and strength as these unusual times continue.

Help them bring light and hope to the world around them. Amen

(Bob Rempel, Chaplain, St. Benedict Secondary)

Reflecting on Faith in Word and Video

Enjoy this abbreviated Graduation Liturgy compliments of Resurrection Secondary School.  Thanks to Marianna Worth, Father Raphael Ma, staff and students for leading us with prayers, petitions, blessings and a reflection!

Fr. Tim Theriault from St. Anthony Daniel Parish offers Grads a Gospel Reading and a Powerful Reflection on the state of the world in 2020 and what our WCDSB Graduates can offer!

Father Toby Collins from St. Mary’s Parish offers Grads a heartfelt Blessing!

Watch these inspiring videos with messages of HOPE and BELONGING for our Gr 8 graduates from our Elementary Chaplains, Heejung Cho and Sarah Kwiecinski

A reflection by Monsignor Doyle Chaplain Janet Goncz for all Grads! Taking the Time

Words of Blessing and Hope from Fr. Ross Campbell for all our WCDSB Grads Sculpted by God

A few Words of Wisdom from SMH Chaplain Annabel Quinn for our Grads during this time of Learning@Home

What better way to celebrate than to hear some of our Grads sing  How Can I Keep From Singing?


We believe in the greatness of our vocation to be salt and light for God’s Kingdom.

We believe that God has called us into this world for a purpose, which we can discover only in prayer and in loving service to others.

We believe in the gift of parents and in giving thanks for all they have done through happy and difficult times to bring us to this day.

We believe our teachers, educational assistants, principal and support staff have been given the wisdom, knowledge and patience to guide us through our school years to graduation.

We believe that we are a sacramental people, called to fullness of life through Baptism, to be strengthened, nourished and renewed through Confirmation, Eucharist, and all the sacraments.

We believe in the gift of being a community of faith, led by our Pastors, parents and educators.

We believe in the gift of joyful living through play, laughter and sharing in our school.

We believe in practicing social justice as witnesses to God’s Kingdom, preached by Jesus our Lord.

Finally, we believe in God the Father, in Jesus Christ His Son and in the Holy Spirit. We believe that God loves us and will continue to bless us as we move on to the next stage of our education. (T. Cosentino, RCCDSB 2009 – posted by CARFLEO.com)

Closing Graduation Prayer

Loving God:  We pray for our graduates and lift them before you.

We thank you so much for these we love and for the work you are continuing to do in their lives. They are a gift to us and to many others. During this season of new beginnings, we ask that you make their way clear. We ask that you would keep their footsteps firm and remind them that you are with them, always. May they sense the freshness of your Holy Spirit over their lives in amazing ways, may they be strengthened and instilled with hope, for the new roads you have in store. We pray that you would direct their steps, that your plans for them would prosper; that every place you have determined for them to walk would be paved clear. Allow every gift and treasure you have placed inside their lives to grow, develop, and flourish. May they feel your peace and security. We ask this through Christ our Lord – Amen.

(Janet Goncz, Chaplain, Monsignor Doyle)